The story of Prouts Neck is the story of Maine: an area of intense beauty, meant to be shared with summer visitors from "away." It is a place that brings together people from all over the world to enjoy the best of summer in a unique setting: a seaside community where golf, tennis, sailing, communal sings, picnics, and sunset viewing fill the days.
Our Community

Prouts has been a summer destination since the 19th century. Renowned architects such as John Calvin Stevens of Shingle Style fame designed cottages both large and small, many of which remain today.

Among the first to build was celebrated artist Winslow Homer. Homer introduced Maine and Prouts to the world through his paintings, such as his masterpiece "Weatherbeaten." His Prouts Neck studio, a registered National Historic Landmark, remained in the Homer family until 2004 and is now owned by the Portland Museum of Art. Our agency’s founder, Doris Homer, was well known for her lively studio tours.

Prouts Neck today numbers about 200 households. There are three private clubs which remain the social hubs of the community, bringing together those whose families have been part of Prouts for generations, and those who have only recently discovered this special place.

We hope this brief introduction to Prouts has given you both a flavor of our community and the desire to come experience it for yourself.